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Laser Eye Surgery Lubbock

Drs. Gibson, Gibson and Moore will educate and inform interested patients in common LASIK and PRK practices. At our facility, we offer quality pre and post-operative care for patients needing laser eye surgery. Drs. Gibson, Gibson and Moore strive to provide our patients with the best eye care available. If that means laser eye surgery for you, we will be there with you every step of the way.

Dr. David Gibson and Dr. Van Moore are founding members of the Laser Eye Center of Lubbock. Since 1999, the Laser Eye Center of Lubbock has had thousands of happy patients through its doors and continues to provide exceptional service with state of the art instruments for LASIK and PRK.

Evaluation And Referral

Eye surgery has advanced in the last few years. The recovery time is decreasing while the quality of results is increasing. Not only will laser eye surgery improve your vision, but is also proven effective in treating conditions such as myopia and astigmatism and more.

Drs. Gibson, Gibson and Moore provides comfort and care throughout the laser eye surgery process. Our facility provides evaluations and referrals so you can have the most positive experience possible with laser eye surgery.

Our facility provides evaluations and referrals so you can have the most positive experience possible with laser eye surgery. In the evaluation, we will discuss your patient history and complete a comprehensive eye exam to determine if you qualify.

During the examination and history, our doctors will look to see if your prescription has stabilized. After determining that your eyes are healthy and stable, your doctor will refer you to the Laser Eye Center of Lubbock. From this point, their doctors will take you in and begin the surgery process at their facility.

optometrist lubbock
optometrist lubbock


In a LASIK surgery, the surgeon uses a laser on the cornea to create a flap of tissue. After the flap is created, the laser shapes the inner layers of the cornea. Once the reshaping is finished, the flap is put back down over the eye where it will take a few days to heal over the corrected cornea.

If you have certain eye conditions including chronic dry eyes, PRK may be a better option for you. While LASIK cuts a flap in the surrounding tissue, PRK completely removes the outer layer of the cornea. After this, a laser will reshape the cornea, then the outer layer will regrow for crisp clear vision.

Are you considering laser eye surgery? Schedule an appointment with our doctors at (806) 747-1635. We will educate you, discuss your history, and determine if laser eye surgery is right for you.

Post-Operative Care

After you schedule a date for your laser eye surgery, our facility will schedule follow-up appointments for you in our office in Lubbock, Texas. Drs. Gibson, Gibson and Moore usually like seeing patients the day after the surgery. After the initial post-operative appointment, we like seeing our patients for the next twelve months, which is included in your surgery fees.

After a year has passed, we recommend a full comprehensive eye exam to evaluate your long-term results. Our doctors and determined to provide quality care throughout the entire laser eye surgery journey. Call our Lubbock eye doctors at (806) 747-1635 if you are considering laser eye surgery.

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