Payment Options

The number one goal at Drs. Gibson, Gibson and Moore is to provide you and your family with exceptional quality eye care. Our second goal is to work with you and accept methods of payment that work for you. Our facility accepts cash, checks, many different kinds of vision plans, and most credit cards. Our staff informs you about different costs for procedures and solutions before any exam starts. If you require more information on costs, ask our doctors during your appointment or call us at (806) 747-1635.

Vision Plan

For many people, vision plans are their way of paying for our eye care services. We will work with you to find a plan right for you and educate you on potential benefits. Vision plans are created to help you and your family pay for basic costs of our eye care. Our accepted vision plans include Vision Care Plan (VSP), Davis Vision, Superior Vision (also known as State of Texas vision), Vision Care Plan (VCP), Medicare, Medicaid, Vision Care Plans, EyeMed, Eyetopia, and most commercial insurances.

Flexible Spending

If you are wondering if your Flexible Spending Account is eligible at our office, call us at (806) 747-1635. It has become more common for employers to offer Flexible Spending Accounts to their employees. These accounts let you save money for our eye exam, glasses, contacts and laser vision services.

Other Options

At Drs. Gibson, Gibson and Moore, our patients are our number one priority. Not just in the office, but outside as well. Our staff understands monetary constraints that some families face. We are willing to discuss with our patients’ different financing options before their examinations.

payment options, Payment Options