Lubbock Eye Exams, Lubbock Eye and Vision Exams

Lubbock Eye Exams

Dr. Gibson, Gibson and Moore understand the value of routine eye maintenance. Not only will our doctors provide you with knowledge on how to keep your eyes healthy, but our doctors will provide excellent care during routine exams and checkups.

Our family-friendly doctors recommend yearly exams for your eyes. At these appointments, our doctors can diagnose and treat eye conditions before you may even know about them. Eye conditions will often be present before you even start seeing symptoms. Schedule a Lubbock Eye Exam appointment with us today to see how healthy your eyes can be.

Lubbock Eye Exam And Consultation

It is important to Dr. Gibson, Gibson and Moore that you receive the quality of treatment that you pay for. Because of our passion for eye care, we will require a complete medical and family history in the exam room.

Our Lubbock eye doctors will ask questions regarding hobbies, your work environment, current medication, and any eye symptoms you have been struggling with recently. Having this background will help our doctors accurately diagnose and treat any conditions you may have.

Lubbock Eye Exams, Lubbock Eye and Vision Exams
Lubbock Eye Exams, Lubbock Eye and Vision Exams

Vision Testing

Getting routine vision tests is an essential part of taking care of your eyes. Our optometrists understand the importance of quality vision acuity tests. This is why our facility includes vision tests as part of our eye examinations.

Our doctors will measure the sight in each eye by using eye and reading charts. Following the eye examination, your doctor will give you your results in fraction form. For your benefit, 20/20 is the standard and healthy vision level. Depending on your vision results, your doctor will prescribe glasses or contacts.

Eye Function Testing

Another service that we offer our patients is our eye functionality test.  While vision tests will give you an understanding of your vision acuity, our eye function test will evaluate your depth perception, color, muscle capabilities, your peripherals, and light responsiveness.

Eye function tests are essential in diagnosing eye conditions because you can’t always see the problem through a vision test. Our Lubbock optometrists provide eye function tests so you can get ahead of the condition and start treatment before the condition worsens.

Lubbock Eye Exams, Lubbock Eye and Vision Exams
Lubbock Eye Exams, Lubbock Eye and Vision Exams

Lubbock Eye Health

Another aspect of Drs. Gibson, Gibson and Moore’s eye exams are a visual eye examination. During the visual eye examination, our doctors will complete a series of tests that may involve bright lights, dilation of the pupils, and intraocular pressure.

Completing these tests helps our doctor understand your internal and external eye structure. Depending on the results of these tests, our doctors will offer possible treatments if necessary. If you would like to schedule a Lubbock eye exam with us, call (806) 747-1635.

Lubbock Eye Exams, Lubbock Eye and Vision Exams