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What You Should Know About Your Eyeglass Prescription

By Eyeglasses, Prescription

Today, we are delving into the fascinating world of eyeglass prescriptions. If you wear glasses or are considering getting a pair, understanding your eyeglass prescription is essential for optimal vision and eye health. Let’s explore what your prescription means and why it matters.

1. Decoding the Numbers

Your eyeglass prescription may look like a series of cryptic numbers and abbreviations, but fear not – it’s relatively straightforward once you know how to read it. Here’s a breakdown of the common components:

  • OD (oculus dexter) and OS (oculus sinister): These Latin terms refer to the right eye and left eye, respectively.
  • Sphere (SPH): This indicates the main part of your prescription, representing the lens power needed to correct nearsightedness (indicated by a negative sign, like -2.50), farsightedness (positive sign, like +1.75), or astigmatism.
  • Cylinder (CYL): This is the degree of astigmatism present. It can be a positive or negative value or sometimes be marked as “SPH” if no astigmatism correction is needed.
  • Axis: If you have astigmatism, the axis value specifies the angle at which the cylinder power should be oriented.
  • Addition (ADD): This is an additional power for reading glasses. It is used to correct presbyopia, a natural age-related condition that affects near vision.

2. Regular Eye Exams are Crucial

You might be tempted to use old glasses or buy ready-made reading glasses without an eye exam, but this can be risky. Your vision changes over time, and an outdated prescription can cause eye strain, headaches, and even worsen your eyesight. Regular eye exams, at least once every two years or as your eye doctor recommends, are crucial for maintaining healthy vision and updating your prescription as needed.

3. Prescription Accuracy and Lens Quality

Obtaining an accurate prescription is only the first step toward clear vision. The quality of your eyeglass lenses matters just as much. Your eye doctor can help you choose the right lens material, coatings, and design for your lifestyle and visual needs.

  • Lens Materials: There are various lens materials available, such as standard plastic, high-index, polycarbonate, and Trivex. Each has its advantages, like thinner profiles or impact resistance, so discuss your options with your eye doctor.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating: This coating reduces glare and reflections on your lenses, providing clearer vision, especially during night driving or computer use.
  • UV Protection: Harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can damage your eyes. Ensure your eyeglasses offer 100% UV protection to shield your eyes from UV radiation.

4. Trust the Professionals

Regarding your eye health, don’t take chances with online retailers offering cheap glasses without a valid prescription. Optometrists at Eyes of Lubbock are trained professionals who consider various factors when determining your prescription, such as your eye health, lifestyle, and specific vision needs. They provide personalized care and recommendations tailored to your unique requirements.

5. Adjusting to Your New Prescription

It’s normal to experience an adjustment period when you start wearing new glasses or update your prescription. Give yourself a few days to adapt to the change, and if you’re still experiencing discomfort or vision problems, consult your eye doctor. Small adjustments can be made to optimize your vision and comfort.

Remember, your eyeglass prescription is more than just a set of numbers – it’s the key to clear vision and maintaining the health of your eyes. Schedule regular eye exams, trust your eye care professionals, and invest in quality eyeglasses to enjoy the world through sharper and clearer lenses.

We hope you found this blog informative! If you have any questions or need to schedule an eye exam, please visit us at Eyes of Lubbock. Your vision is our priority!