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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Eye Doctor in Lubbock, Texas

By Eye Doctor

At Eyes of Lubbock, we know that finding an eye doctor that fits your budget, needs, and location can feel overwhelming, especially in a city like Lubbock, which is renowned for its medical facilities. Whether you’re due for a routine eye exam, experiencing vision problems, or considering LASIK surgery, we’ve got you covered. This comprehensive guide will cover everything from qualifications to technology and walk you through the essential factors to consider when choosing an eye doctor in Lubbock. Our vision is how we connect to the physical world around us, so don’t leave choosing your eye doctor up to chance!

Qualification and Credentials 

The foundation of any reputable eye doctor begins with their qualifications and credentials. To practice optometry in Texas, one must complete a four-year program at a college of optometry, take the OAT (Optometric Admissions Test), and pass the state licensing exam. Focus your search on board-certified optometrists who are licensed to practice in the state of Texas. At Eyes of Lubbock, our team boasts top-tier education, qualifications, and stays up to date on all the innovations in optometry. 

Range of Services Offered

Finding the eye doctor that provides the services you are looking for is essential. Many people often confuse Opticians for Optometrists, Optometrists for Ophthalmologists, and vice versa. 

Contrary to popular belief, Opticians are not licensed eye doctors. They can not perform eye exams and are trained to fit eyeglass lenses and frames. Optometrists and Ophthalmologists are licensed to perform eye exams. However, only Ophthalmologists can perform corrective vision procedures such as LASIK and PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy). Evaluate your needs and ensure the eye doctor you choose offers your required services. At Eyes of Lubbock, we provide comprehensive eye care services, including exams, eyeglass frames and lens fittings, and treatment for eye diseases.

Advanced Technology

State-of-the-art technology is crucial in administering accurate diagnoses and effective treatment procedures, especially when seeking treatment for a part of your body as important and vulnerable as your eyes.  It is pivotal that you choose an eye doctor that is equipped with advanced diagnostic tools and treatment options to protect your vision. Some red flags to look out for could be damaged equipment, an unsanitary space, and other unprofessional practices. At Eyes of Lubbock, we are constantly investing in cutting-edge technology and constant education to provide precise diagnoses and personalized treatment plans tailored to your vision needs. 

Patient-Centered Care

Eye doctors are in the customer service business just as much as those in the hospitality industry. A great eye doctor pays attention to and anticipates the needs of their patients, is willing to address your concerns and strives to create a welcoming environment for their patients and employees alike. The doctor’s willingness to hear and address your concerns and the ease of their appointment scheduling process are true tests of how they run their practice and treat their patients. Eyes of Lubbock prides itself in affordable, reliable, indiscriminate eye care that emphasizes compassion and personalization. 

Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Word-of-mouth can be a great tool for gathering information on local eye doctors in Lubbock. Take the time to ask friends and loved ones about their previous experiences and opinions. These testimonials can often reveal red flags in how certain practices are run and how some eye doctors treat their patients. Be sure to read online reviews as well, and be on the lookout for consistent praise regarding quality of care, professionalism, and overall satisfaction. Eyes of Lubbock is grateful for the trust and confidence our patients place in us daily!


At Eyes of Lubbock, we know that your vision is your everything, making it all the more important to choose the right eye doctor for you. By following this guide you can rest assured knowing you have made the best decision for the future of your overall eye health. Schedule an appointment with Eyes of Lubbock today and experience our excellent service first-hand! 

Eye Health

Your Guide to Eye Health in Lubbock: How Eyes of Lubbock Can Improve Your Vision and Treat Common Eye Conditions

By Eye Doctor

Introduction to Eyes of Lubbock 

Eyes of Lubbock is your trusted source regarding the top eye care in Lubbock. Our skilled doctors and staff are dedicated to providing first-class care to improve and maintain your vision and eye health. 

Understanding the Importance of Eye Health 

Our eyes are one of the most essential parts of our bodies, and sometimes, we can take that for granted. Taking care of your eyes is crucial in keeping clear vision and preventing conditions that can dramatically affect your life. 

Common Eye Conditions that can Affect Your Vision 

  • Myopia (Nearsightedness) 
  • Hyperopia (Farsightedness) 
  • Astigmatism (Causes blurred vision due to an irregularly shaped cornea) 

While these conditions aren’t life-threatening, seeking professional help will significantly reduce complications and make day-to-day life easier.  

Common Eye Conditions that Affect Vision or Cause Blindness 

  • Glaucoma 
  • Cataracts 
  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration 
  • Diabetes-Related Retinopathy 

These conditions are more severe and can potentially cause vision loss or blindness. Getting screened earlier for these conditions can significantly slow down the later stages of the diseases. It’s critical to get your eyes checked regularly, before side effects become worse. 

How Eyes of Lubbock Can Improve Your Vision 

Our experienced doctors are committed to improving your vision with expert care and personalized treatments. At Eyes of Lubbock, we are fully equipped to meet every unique vision need, whether it involves glasses, contact lenses, surgeries, or other personalized eye care solutions. 

Don’t wait until your vision or condition worsens; take control of your eye health and schedule an appointment at Eyes of Lubbock! 

How to Choose the Right Eye Doctor in Lubbock

By Eye Doctor

The health and wellness of our vision is not something to be overlooked which is why choosing the right eye doctor is so important in terms of keeping your vision sharp. At Eyes of Lubbock, we are here to help you better understand why choosing the right provider matters so much.  

The Difference between Optometrist and Ophthalmologist 

When choosing an eye care professional, the first step you’ll take is determining whether you need to visit an optometrist or an ophthalmologist 

An optometrist receives specialized training to become an O.D., or Doctor of Optometry, and is not considered a medical doctor. An ophthalmologist, conversely, is a medical doctor specializing in the health and diseases of the eyes. For the most part, an optometrist is the first stop in a person’s eye care journey.  

In addition to optometrists and ophthalmologists, there are also opticians. Opticians ensure you receive the correct eyeglasses and/or contact lenses based on the prescription written by your optometrist. 

At Eyes of Lubbock, our optometrists have proudly served as your complete Lubbock Family Vision Center for 67 years, and our Nationally Certified optician has been licensed for over 35 years. 

Accessibility and Convenience 

Two additional and important considerations to make when choosing an eye doctor are office location and hours of operation. You’ll want to research how far the office is from home, school, or work and note office hours – do they fit your schedule? These factors could significantly impact your experience with an eye care provider, especially if multiple visits are necessary. 

Optometrist Services 

Optometrists offer a range of services beyond prescribing glasses or contacts, and it’s important to take note of which services are provided by which eye care providers in your area. As optometrists in Lubbock, our primary eye care services include a complete eye exam to analyze eye health and vision function. We also provide testing for glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration, and pre- and post-operative care for LASIK. 

Eyes of Lubbock has your needs in mind!  

Your eyes are your windows to the world; choosing the right optometrist is imperative for maintaining optimal eye health. Trust your vision care to a provider who meets all these criteria and more. Call Eyes of Lubbock today and find out why we remain the best optometrist office in Lubbock. 

Lubbock Eye Doctors, Your Local Optometrists

How to Protect Your Eyes on the Job

By Eye Doctor, Eye Safety

Our eyes are incredibly important, and protecting them is crucial, especially in the workplace, where potential hazards can harm our vision health. Whether in an office or a more hazardous environment, taking proactive measures to protect your eyes is essential. At Eyes of Lubbock, we understand the significance of eye protection in the workplace. 

Identify Potential Hazards

The first step in protecting your eyes on the job is to identify potential hazards specific to your workplace. Take note of any machinery, chemicals, dust, or airborne particles that could pose a risk to your eyes. Consult with your employer or safety officer to ensure you know the potential dangers and the appropriate safety protocols.

Wear Protective Eyewear

One of the most effective ways to protect your eyes is wearing appropriate eyewear. Safety glasses or goggles should be worn whenever there is a risk of flying objects, debris, or chemicals. Ensure the eyewear is ANSI-approved and fits properly to provide adequate coverage and protection.

Follow Safety Procedures

Familiarize yourself with and strictly adhere to safety procedures and protocols in your workplace, which may include using machine guards, following lockout/tagout procedures, and adequately storing hazardous materials. Following established safety guidelines can significantly reduce the risk of eye injuries.

Take Regular Breaks

If your work involves prolonged periods of staring at a computer screen, take regular breaks to rest your eyes. The 20-20-20 rule is a helpful guideline: every 20 minutes, look at an object 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This practice helps reduce eye strain and fatigue associated with extended screen time.

Adjust Your Workspace

Ensure that your workspace is ergonomically designed to reduce eye strain. Position your computer screen at eye level and adjust the lighting to minimize glare. Use an anti-glare screen or position your monitor away from direct light sources. Additionally, consider using a document holder to reduce the need for excessive eye and neck movement.

Maintain Proper Lighting

Proper lighting is essential for eye health and productivity. Ensure that your workspace is well-lit, using a combination of natural and artificial lighting. Avoid excessive brightness or harsh lighting that can cause eye strain. If needed, use task lighting to provide additional illumination for specific tasks.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential for overall health, including your eye health. Drink adequate water throughout the day to prevent dry eyes, which can lead to discomfort and vision problems. Consider using artificial tears or lubricating eye drops if you experience dryness or irritation.

Schedule Regular Eye Exams

Regular eye exams are essential for maintaining optimal eye health and detecting potential issues early on. Schedule regular comprehensive eye exams with an ophthalmologist or optometrist. They can assess your eye health, detect changes, and provide necessary interventions or recommendations to protect and preserve your vision.

Be Mindful of Allergens

If you work in an environment with allergens, such as pollen, dust, or chemicals, take precautions to protect your eyes. Wear appropriate eye protection and consider using over-the-counter or prescription eye drops to alleviate allergy symptoms.

Practice Good Eye Health Habits

In addition to workplace-specific measures, practicing good overall eye health habits is essential, including maintaining a balanced diet rich in eye-healthy nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins C and E, and zinc. Additionally, avoid smoking, as it increases the risk of eye diseases, including cataracts and macular degeneration.


Protecting your eyes on the job is essential for maintaining optimal eye health and preventing workplace-related eye injuries. By identifying potential hazards, wearing appropriate protective eyewear, following safety procedures, taking regular breaks, adjusting your workspace, maintaining proper lighting, staying hydrated, scheduling regular eye exams, being mindful of allergens, and practicing good eye health habits, you can significantly reduce the risk of eye-related problems. Contact Eyes of Lubbock to prioritize your eye health and safety. Implement these tips in your workplace to ensure your eyes are protected and your vision remains clear and healthy for years.


Lubbock Eye Doctors, Your Local Optometrists

What You Should Know About Halloween Eye Safety

By Eye Safety

As we usher in the exciting festivities of Halloween, the team at Eyes of Lubbock would like to take a moment to remind you of the importance of eye safety. Halloween is a time of fun, excitement, and the opportunity to be someone else for the evening. However, amidst the spooky festivities and captivating costumes, it’s easy to overlook one critical aspect: eye safety.

Halloween Contacts Lenses Are Fun But Can Lead To Serious Eye Issues

One of the most popular Halloween trends is decorative contact lenses. While these cosmetic lenses can transform your look from ordinary to extraordinary, they pose significant risks if not used correctly. Without a proper professional prescription, fitting, and care instructions, these lenses can cause serious eye health issues such as corneal abrasions, eye infections, and in severe cases, even permanent vision loss.Remember, contact lenses are not one-size-fits-all. An optometrist must measure each eye to properly fit the lenses and evaluate how your eye responds to contact lens wear. Buying lenses without a prescription can lead to lenses that are too big or small, which can scratch the eye or cause an infection.

Be Creative, but Don’t Risk Injury to Your Eyes

Also, be cautious about using costume makeup around the eyes. Always check the ingredients to make sure it’s safe for use near the eyes. Be diligent about removing it before bed to prevent eye irritation or infection.If your costume involves carrying props like swords, canes, or sticks, ensure they are soft and flexible to prevent accidental eye injuries.Eye safety shouldn’t be taken lightly, even during the fun and festivities of Halloween. We encourage you to prioritize your eye health by incorporating these safety measures.

Keep Your Eyes Safe This Halloween

Enjoy the magic and mystery of Halloween, but remember to keep eye safety in focus. At the Eyes of Lubbock, your vision is a priority. If you’re considering decorative lenses or makeup, schedule an appointment with us. Our team will ensure your eyes are safe and comfortable so you can take in all the sights and frights this Halloween.