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There are plenty of benefits to having Contact lenses over prescribed glasses. However, due to concerns created around unproven rumors and myths, many people still choose glasses over contacts. 

Glasses are effective in providing you with solutions to your vision problems, but some things contact lenses do better. In sporting activities that require fast, dynamic movement, glasses can be hard to keep on your face. Glasses have frames or lenses that don’t give you a full field of vision, and contact lenses don’t fog up or get water on them when it rains. 

Contact lenses have revolutionized our ability to give a more natural feeling solution to many of our client’s vision issues, so why don’t more people wear them? To help understand the truth behind some of those detrimental myths, we’ve compiled a list of the most common among them. 

Myth #1: You’re Too Old To Wear Contacts

Contact lenses have a much broader range in age use than most people think. Not only are adults wearing them, but many teens and preteens have switched from glasses to contact lenses. So there is almost no age limit beyond the ability to take care of your contact lenses. 

Contacts now have the option for varifocal and bifocal lenses, which means that people with different prescriptions can wear them. So whether you’re reading or driving, contact lenses can help. 

Myth #2 Contact Lenses Are Too Expensive

When contact lenses first arrived, they were a costly investment, but that was four decades ago, and the evolution of the contact lens has made them less expensive today. You can now buy daily disposable pairs for under a dollar a day. 

It’s always a good idea to make sure that you’re ordering contact lenses to help you with any stress your vision may be causing you. So ensure that you’re ordering the correct prescription before you order them online, and make sure you’re ordering them from a reputable online seller. 

Myth #3 Contact Lenses Can Get Stuck Behind Your Eye

Whenever something new comes out, there is always some irrational fear that has no evidence to back it up. In this case, it’s the idea that a contact lens can get caught behind your eye. To put it bluntly, there is no physically possible way for a contact lens to move behind your eye. The shape of your eye and how your eyelids function ensure that nothing can move beyond the front of your eye. Can you imagine how much dust would be back there if this were possible? You’d have to do a spring cleaning of the back side of your eye every year. 

Myth #4 Contact Lenses Are Uncomfortable

Contact lenses may have been thick and clunky once upon a time, but years of research and development have made contact lenses virtually unnoticeable. Today’s contact lenses are thin and soft, and you’ll quickly forget they are there once they’re in your eye. 

For some people, the initial part of putting your contact lenses in may be a bit frustrating, but with guidance from your doctor and practice, the process will become more manageable and less burdensome. 

Myth #5 Contact Lenses Can Get Stuck To My Eye

Contact lenses enjoy moisture, so when your eye dries out, it may feel like it is beginning to adhere to your eye. That’s not the case, though. The lens is just drying out due to a lack of moisture. Simply apply a few rewetting drops to your eye, and the sensation will quickly disappear. 

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