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Computer Vision Syndrome

Top 5 Myths About Contact Lenses

There are plenty of benefits to having Contact lenses over prescribed glasses. However, due to concerns created around unproven rumors and myths, many people still choose glasses over contacts.  Glasses are effective in providing you with solutions to your vision problems, but some things contact lenses do better. In sporting...
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Contact Lenses

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Eye Doctor in Lubbock, Texas

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At Eyes of Lubbock, we know that finding an eye doctor that fits your budget, needs, and location can feel overwhelming, especially in a city like Lubbock, which is renowned…

Eye Health

Your Guide to Eye Health in Lubbock: How Eyes of Lubbock Can Improve Your Vision and Treat Common Eye Conditions

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Introduction to Eyes of Lubbock  Eyes of Lubbock is your trusted source regarding the top eye care in Lubbock. Our skilled doctors and staff are dedicated to providing first-class care…

How to Choose the Right Eye Doctor in Lubbock

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The health and wellness of our vision is not something to be overlooked which is why choosing the right eye doctor is so important in terms of keeping your vision…

protecting your eyes - halloween

Seeing Clearly Through the Halloween Haze: Protecting Your Eyes from Tricks and Treats

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Halloween is a time of fun and excitement, with costumes, candy, and spooky decorations. However, it’s also a time when we must be mindful of protecting our eyes from potential…